For more than a decade I’ve been publishing blog posts about design, art, and other creative topics. It’s helped me to learn about different design approaches, new tools, clever ideas, inspiring work — all useful when collaborating with my own clients.

David Airey (2006—)

The idea with my first blog was to share some behind-the-scenes from my projects. People started adding comments and offering feedback, and inbound links began appearing on other websites, boosting my search rankings and making it easier for potential clients to find me — invaluable as I carved a space on the web.

A collection of various posts:
Advice for design students

Logo Design Love

The logo-related focus of my second blog led to an email from US publisher Peachpit, asking if I’d write with them. A year later and the first edition of the Logo Design Love book was published — now a second edition available in eleven languages.

One of the more popular pages:
Identity style guides from around the world

Identity Designed

This one’s all about the work of others. Talented designers and studios around the world have kindly contributed their identity case studies, sharing insights into the hows and whys of the work they produce.

A sample case study:
Threefold, by Baxter and Bailey, Brighton, England


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