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For more than a decade I’ve been taking note of interesting design books, art projects, architectural work, business advice, things like that. It’s helped me to learn about different approaches to work, new tools, clever ideas — all useful when collaborating with clients.

Most of what I’ve published can be seen on the three blogs below. They’re usually updated once every week or two (sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on client projects).

David Airey (2006—)

The original idea was to share some behind-the-scenes from my early logo work, and to write articles that gave clients guidance about the design process — how to write a design brief, how to give the right design feedback, dealing with commercial printers, etc.

What I didn’t expect was that designers would also be interested, and my earliest readers began leaving valuable thoughts and encouragement in the comment threads. In turn, my website started getting inbound links from other design blogs, boosting my search rankings and making it easier for potential clients to find me. That was invaluable as I carved a little space in the design profession.

When the first post was published in 2006, there were a mere 12 million people on Facebook, Twitter had only just launched, and Instagram was still four years from being a thing. In some ways I’m surprised I’ve kept going, but then I think of what I’ve learned, and the friends I’ve made (both readers and clients), and it makes a lot more sense.

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Logo Design Love

The logo-related focus of my second blog led to a friendly email from US publisher Peachpit, asking if I’d write for them. A year later and the first edition of the Logo Design Love book was published.

It’s gone on to sell more than 50,000 copies, has been added to the reading list of design courses across the globe, and is now a second edition available in eleven languages. A massive thank you to everyone who contributed, read, reviewed, and spread the word.

Various pages:

Identity Designed

This one’s all about the identity work of others. Talented designers and studios around the world have kindly contributed their case studies, sharing insights into the hows and whys of the branding work they produce.

The ID book is complete. Get it now.

Various pages:


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