Founded in 2002, eFolder provides a suite of cloud data protection services including cloud file synchronisation, backup and disaster recovery, and email security and archiving.

The company’s new trademark is formed when a variety of pieces fit together, just as eFolder fits into its partners’ businesses. These pieces can be separated and rearranged to form an infinite variety of eFolder patterns, adding flexibility and visual interest to the identity.

A bespoke typeface was created to give eFolder’s product range a cohesive appearance, complemented by a small set of icons with a similar line weight and curvature.

The distinctive colour palette was chosen to help eFolder stand out in a competitive sea of blues and greens.

eFolder's old logo (left) and the new design (right)


All of the stakeholders love the logo. People are very excited about this! Excellent work.

— Kevin Hoffman, CEO, eFolder