What is brand identity design?

The swoosh, the golden arches, the bitten apple — while symbolism is often the first thing that comes to mind, it’s also just one part. Your visual identity can include anything from a logo to a website, a business card to packaging. Consider what a potential customer might see when doing business with you — signage, a reception desk, vehicle graphics, uniforms, carrier bags, invoices, receipts, social media profiles, right down to the style of photography and the typefaces used in your marketing literature.

The design of these items should reflect the quality of what you sell, otherwise there’s a disconnect between what people see and the impression you want to give. Brand identity design is an investment that, when combined with an excellent product or service, pays off year after year, and plays an important part in helping to turn potential buyers into loyal customers.

How much do you charge?

Design quotes can be as different as the companies they’re for, and to draft a proposal there are some things I need to know. Send an email or give me a call, tell me about your business and what you’re looking for, and I’ll get you a figure as soon as I can.

How long does it take?

It varies from three weeks to three months, but it’s sometimes more, sometimes a little less, mostly dependent on the amount of work involved and to a lesser extent the number of people we’ll convince about the strongest design direction.

Do you have a process?

There are familiar steps such as setting the brief, researching your business and competitors, sketching and developing ideas, digitising, presenting, refining. But no two clients are the same, so nothing’s set in stone. What’s most important is my curiosity in your business, and a genuine happiness when I can help you create the success you’re aiming for.

What role does the client play?

Design is a two-way process, and your input is vital. We’ll discuss what you want to achieve with a new identity, as well as what direction the design will take, and I’ll make sure you get the most effective, enduring identity possible.

What if we’re in different countries?

The majority of my clients are outside Ireland. And while meeting in person is always a pleasure, I’ve also found that talking on the phone, through video calls, and via email can save us both a lot of time that’s otherwise spent travelling.

Working across borders has never been a hindrance.

For anything else

Get in touch with other questions or if anything’s unclear. I’ll be more than happy to help.