Kairos is a shoe retailer in Gloucester, England. The company partners asked me to create a distinctive trademark that’s appropriate for the affordable shoe market.

The duo had an obvious love of shoes — something I felt it was important to highlight. Basing the design on a shoe lace opened the door for a growing series of relevant symbols that could be used for special events and promotions, adding visual interest and flexibility. The design possibilities will help to keep the identity fresh through the life of the business.

The wordmark was crafted with bespoke typography to complement the appearance of a lace, and to give visual balance when the symbol and wordmark are shown together.

Primary symbol.
Christmas sales.
Sporting promotion.
Photography by Steven Pisano


I love the “Love Shoes” idea, and how the symbol can be used in different shapes for different seasons. The mark clearly portrays what Kairos is about. Thank you very much indeed.

— Leon Gomes, Kairos Shoes