Montville Coffee is an Australian roaster of Fairtrade and certified organic coffee. After 15 years in business the company realised that their logo didn’t match their purpose. The design showed stylised latte art in an industry saturated with similar marks, so it was my task to realign Montville’s visual appearance with their future goals.

The wordmark is crafted using a bespoke version of Thomas Thiemich’s Fakt Slab Stencil. The stencilling adds a touch of heritage to the otherwise contemporary mark, hinting at typography seen on sacks and wooden boxes used for coffee transportation.

Equity from the old wordmark is carried into the new by keeping the serifs, yet presenting them with heightened professionalism and distinction.

Old logo (above left) and new (right).
Shorter serifs and additional “bean-like” curves create a wordmark unique to the brand.

New coffee bean packaging.

The old packaging range.

Photo by Mathieu Thouvenin.


David came back to us with one identity design that perfectly embodied our brief. I don’t think I have ever seen something get unanimous approval in this business, but we all agreed without a single change required — everyone loves it. David was able to understand our market and our vision, creating an identity to take us there.

— Sam Barnett, Montville Coffee