Squelch is a mobile app that aims to connect people who have similar interests. So instead of you visiting message boards, forums, Facebook feeds, Reddits, speciality sites, and other corners of the web, the app identifies tribes of people like you, then gathers and delivers relevant information according to your preferences. A wordmark, symbol, and distinctive colour palette were needed to identify the new brand.

The name Squelch relates to the telecomms function that quietens white noise in the absence of a sufficiently strong signal. The app, in the same way, filters out people who don’t hold similar interests.

The symbol design is a stylised filter icon — appropriate for the brand name, for the service, and because it’s simple enough in appearance to be easily remembered.

Additional project items included stationery and website design.


I very much enjoyed working with David, and I truly admire his creativity — this is something I struggle with greatly with other contractors. David’s ideas were spot on, and I felt it was a rather painless (and quick) progression from sketch to final design. I certainly can’t say that this is always the case — I hope that I’m not too difficult, but I do know that for a non-technical, not particularly creative client, I tend to be somewhat critical. So really, my thanks to David for making this pleasurable and for providing an awesome service.

— Giorgina Gottlieb, Squelch