Tenon is a new online service that links multiple third party transportation companies with customers who have items to ship.

You enter details of what you need to have delivered, and Tenon shows you shipping rates from a variety of reputable carriers. Choose a carrier based on price and transit time, book the preferred option, and track the delivery — all through the Tenon portal.

The Tenon name is derived from the ideal fit of the tenon and mortise woodwork joint — much like how the Tenon service joins a customer to a range of shipping quotes or the best freight carriers, or a package to its destination, door to door. So it made sense to incorporate the joint into the symbol, giving a subtle visual clue at the idea behind the name.

In early talks with my client it became obvious how important the brand’s “protective” personality trait was — protection for the items being shipped. With that in mind, a shield-like symbol was created in conjunction with a stylised tenon and mortise.

Yellow was chosen for the brand palette in order to stand out from the ubiquitous blues and reds in the shipping industry. While specific typeface customisations give the firm a bespoke, ownable wordmark.

Tenon and mortise joint, via
Incorporating a tenon into a brand shield.
Sub-brand lockups.


This has certainly been a positive experience, and I’m very pleased with the end result. I’m sure that David and I will work together in the future, and I’m very thankful we had the opportunity to collaborate.

— Antonio Luna, Tenon