Jamie Palmer has more than 15 years’ experience caring for dogs, and has worked with and been mentored by some of the UK’s leading canine trainers and behaviourists. Jamie’s skills at reading canine body language are at the core of Uptown Dogs’ reputation. He came to me to rejuvenate the company’s brand identity as he improved and increased his service offering.

The design idea was to encapsulate the personal nature of Jamie’s business by using paw prints from the dogs he cares for. The detail in the pads captures the humanness that people identify with in dogs — an unspoken part of why the dog care and accessory industry is growing.

Original prints before a slight touchup
A variety of paw prints are used on the reverse of the cards
A high res drum scanner was used to get the paw prints large enough for the van


The detail of thought that David gave throughout the project was very reassuring for me. Clients who have seen and received their dog’s cards or seen the paw prints on the vehicle have been totally blown away. I feel very proud.

— Jamie Palmer, Uptown Dogs