Wine Trading Company (WTC) is a Moscow-based wine importer and distributor. Founded in 2010, the company has grown to 50 employees with a turnover of €3M, but their previous identity wasn’t befitting of their work in the premium segment of the market. The WTC team didn’t want to be an average wine company with an average appearance. They asked me for something distinctive, simple, stylish, and contemporary.

Keeping in mind that a successful monogram will distill a business into its most simple form, and as WTC exists by trading in alcoholic drinks, the design idea came about by reducing alcohol to its most simple form — CH3 CH2 OH (also referred to as C2 H6 O), the chemical compound for ethanol, the principle type of alcohol found in WTC’s imports.

By mimicking the distinctive visual appearance of the chemical formula, the WTC monogram hints at the defining compound within the product on offer.

For the colour palette, competitors in the Russian wine industry predominantly use claret and black in their identities. Incorporating purple helps to set the brand apart, while a teal accent adds energy and memorability.

Alcohol’s chemical formula, C2 H6 O.
WTC logo variations.


Very modern, simple, yet professional, and helps us stand out amongst the competition. The owners and sales team love it.

— Sergey Afanasev, import director, WTC